February 2019
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2018 Full Event Guide

  • Download The Full Event Guide

    Download the full event guide and learn more about this year’s sessions:

    – How to treat infectious disease and autoimmune conditions with engineered T cell immunotherapies

    – How to build and design clinical programs for cell immunotherapies based on experience from running successful Kymriah trials globally

    – How to run clinical programs in solid tumour trials across multiple conditions and effectively deliver an autologous cell product

    – How CAR-T therapy dose can impact efficacy and toxicity of the therapeutic

    – How to make off-the-shelf industrialized CAR-TCR Therapies

    – How CAR gene delivery to T cells in vivo can become possible

    – How to ensure the affordability and accessibility of CAR-TCR therapies

    “This is a best in class and top summit in the CART TCR area which is a invaluable asset to both industries and academia”
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine