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Welcome to the Future of Cell Therapy

Stakeholders across oncology and beyond are now turning to next generation developments and
technology to create the therapies of tomorrow, NOW!

The CAR-TCR Summit Europe is the only industry-dedicated forum focused on the 2.0, next generation innovations in cell therapies. Join over 250 adoptive cell therapy experts accelerating the 3rd, 4th and 5th generation advanced therapies to the clinic across 3 days of carefully curated sessions.

Join us to explore innovative developments from early discovery through to manufacturing to bring to market the next generation of cell therapies.

What Will You Learn?


innovative technology to enhance cell function & improve therapeutic efficacy

cellular therapies with improved tumour targeting

novel engineering platforms to alter the expression of multiple genes

the discovery & development of TCR-based therapeutics to fight solid tumours

effective specificity & durability with
in vivo CAR-T engineering  

novel therapies that harness the innate immune system

the immunosuppressive solid tumour microenvironment with armouring

Clinical Development

cell therapy products in the clinic for hard to treat indications

innovative mechanisms to enhance persistence & durability 

efficacy in the clinic with alternative immunomodulation strategies

opportunities for CAR-TCR therapies beyond oncology

clinical results through design management & strategy

treatment efficacy by assessing clinical biomarkers

opportunities to improve clinical trial design 

Streamlined Manufacturing Platforms

production timelines to improve speed to patient

cell quality throughout the manufacturing process

the bottlenecks when utilising viral vectors

new equipment to simplify manufacturing processes

cell therapy logistics & manufacturing to standardise processes

analytical & process development to reduce manufacturing costs

automated, closed & GMP-compliant solutions to scale-up manufacturing 

“I have been part of the CAR-TCR Summit Europe before and I found this to be a well-orchestrated event. It brings the brains together with technology exhibitions and the organisers are helpful and welcoming.”

Hemant Dhamne, Head of Process Development, Gene Therapy Vector Facility, King’s College London

The CAR-TCR Series:

The CAR-TCR Event Series is committed to delivering an exclusive platform to unite the community and explore the key challenges to your industry, guided by global thought leaders in each discipline.

Dedicated to the development of safe, clinically effective and globally accessible therapies, the series is an unrivalled opportunity to gather with experts in your discipline.

From next-generation development to supply chain and logistics, and exploring challenges specific to each area, we create these forums to deliver value and in-depth learnings across the development pipeline, on a global stage.

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“Working in cell therapy is a dream come true for me to combine my love for research with the passion to make a meaningful difference in the lives of cancer patients. Conferences like CAR-Summit Europe provide an effective platform to expand my knowledgebase, raise awareness and provide a chance to share learnings with fellow researchers.”

Mamta Kalra, Senior Director, CMC, Immatics