Accelerate Bench to Bedside Development of Novel CAR Immunotherapies for Safe, Effective & Affordable Advanced Therapies

What is the CAR-TCR Digital Summit Europe?

The CAR-TCR Digital Summit Europe is the definitive platform for the European community to advance novel cell constructs, breach the solid tumour microenvironment, and deliver affordable CAR and TCR technologies to patients in need.

Providing you with the most comprehensive agenda with exclusive insights from the innovators breaking the ceiling in T-cell engineering, manufacturing, safety management & patient accessibility.

Who is the CAR-TCR Summit Europe for?

This end-to-end meeting is exclusively curated for CAR and TCR drug developers actively working to engineer an affordable, cancer-free world from bench to bedside.

Bringing together the top minds from large pharma, biotech, academia and regulatory boards, join your community to network, share ideas and hear lessons learned to advance your own pipeline towards clinical and commercial success. 

Overcome regulatory challenges to harmonise the EMA regulatory process with clinical experience from Kite and Novartis. Learn from game-changers across the globe like Gracell and Immatics Biotherapeutics to disrupt current manufacturing norms and improve patient access.


Why is it paramount that your team attends?

Join forces with the CAR-TCR community to drive innovation. Through collaboration and frank conversation, advance construct design to drive efficacy in solid tumours, characterise the optimal product and enhance persistence and durability in haematological and solid tumour indications.

Whether you are developing novel constructs, managing clinical trials or devising a commercial strategy for improved access, this meeting can support your whole team to develop the tools needed to deliver on the promise of affordable and efficacious CAR and TCR technologies.

The CAR-TCR Experience


Workshop Day

9 opportunities to join engaging, discussion-based and data-driven workshops spanning discovery, translation, and commercialisation.

Each providing you with a 3-hour opportunity to ask your questions with a key opinion leader and a room full of expertise to gain actionable insights on the key challenges including:

  • Driving success in solid tumour indications
  • Innovating analytical development to reduce time & cost
  • Build a clinical trial structure to meet unique trial needs

2 Summit Days:
3 Tracks

Drilling deep into the most important bottlenecks in the field, this 3 tracked agenda will provide your whole team with a comprehensive overview of the technical challenges limiting the full pharmaceutical landscape with dedicated content focusing on:

  • Research & Development
  • Translation
  • Manufacturing & Commercialisation

Bring your team to divide and conquer, ensuring your whole company can benefit from the full range of world-class expertise being showcased.

Our 2021 World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes

"An impactful event that is a must-do for anyone working on CAR-TCR therapies."

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