Advancing Multiplexed Engineering, Armouring & Combination Approaches, with Accelerated Manufacturing Turnaround Times to Enhance Clinical Performance Fit for Early Line Treatment

Join the CAR-TCR Summit Europe to connect with those trailblazing the next wave of CAR and TCR based approaches from preclinical development with in vivo engineering and regulatory fast-track strategies to streamlined analytics and automation to make CAR and TCR therapies better, and faster.  

Take advantage of cutting-edge innovation from global biopharma leaders in cell armouring, combination approaches and multiplexing gene engineering to improve cell durability and trafficking across allogeneic and solid tumor indications, and leave understanding the technical strategies to build automated, closed-system manufacturing processes to ensure vein to vein time is less than a week.

Promising data-driven case studies outlining next generation product design, clinical trial set-up and manufacturing processes, this meeting is your go-to to comprehensively assess the emerging improvements of CAR and TCR based therapies across all emerging cell types including T, NK, macrophage, gamma delta T and iPSC. 

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