Adrian Bot, MD, PhD

Adrian Bot, MD, PhD

Company: Capstan Therapeutics

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President, R&D


Panel Discussion: Exploring the Opportunities for Cell Therapies to Treat Indications Beyond Oncology 12:30 pm

• Do cell therapies have the potential to treat non-oncology indications? I.e. autoimmune disorders, infections, fibrosis and more • What are the main scientific challenges that lie ahead? • How do we navigate the regulatory landscape?Read more

day: Day 2 - Track B - Morning

Workshop A: In Vivo Production of Functional CAR-T Cells by mRNA Targeted Lipid Nanoparticles 9:00 am

Targeted lipid nanoparticles can effectively reprogramme T-cells in vivo to express a CAR CAR-T cells produced in this manner are functional and can ameliorate pathologyRead more

day: Workshop - Track A - Morning

Paving the Way to In Vivo Programming of the Immune System 2:00 pm

• Exploring challenges and lessons learned from ex vivo cell therapy: efforts to date showed that ex vivo genetically engineered T-cells can mediate profound clinical efforts in select patient populations; however, deep translational analysis pointed to mechanisms of treatment resistance and toxicities that represent an access barrier • Leveraging in vivo reprogramming of the immune…Read more

day: Day 2 - Track A - Afternoon

Chair’s Opening Remarks 8:20 am

Read more

day: Day One

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