Streamlining Lentiviral Vector Manufacturing for Cell Therapy Products: From Plasmids to Clinical Translation

Time: 3:15 pm
day: Day 1 - Track B - Mid


Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy is a promising new approach for treating certain cancers. However, manufacturing limitations around viral vector production have constrained widespread availability of this advanced immunotherapy. Lentiviral vectors are critical for efficient genetic modification of T cells to express CARs, but traditional production methods involving adherent cell cultures limit yields and scalability. Advances in suspension cell lines, culture media, bioreactor systems, and purification workflows have enabled significant improvements in lentiviral vector manufacturing. These process innovations allow for high-titer vector production at volumes relevant for commercialization of CAR T cell therapies. This talk will examine novel technologies and strategies for scalable lentiviral vector manufacturing. Improving the viral vector supply chain will accelerate development and delivery of potentially transformative CAR T cell immunotherapies to broad patient populations.

Key Learning Topics: 

  • Case Study from development of DMF-ready helper plasmids (LentiBone™) to GMP manufacturing 
  • Process development case to demonstrate scalability in both adherent and suspension setting
  • Clinical Case Study on CAR Expression T-cell Transduction Efficiency for adherent and suspension