February, 2020 London, UK

250+Attendees ♦ 40 World Class Speakers   33+ Case Studies ♦ 2 Tracks  6 Deep Dive Discussion Sessions 

About Event

Following the recent approvals of Kymriah and Yescarta, the CAR-TCR drug development field is bursting with potential to become the next generation of safe and effective immunotherapies for patients in Europe.

Encapsulating this excitement, the CAR-TCR Summit Europe is providing you with the platform to learn from the experience of industry pioneers, hear novel clinical updates and network with key opinion leaders to takeaway valuable lessons learnt to improve upon your CAR-TCR pipeline.

Key topics to be addressed:

  • Novel technologies to create the next generation of CAR and TCR therapies exploring Medigene s genetically engineered t cells, Fate s dual-targeted TCR and the progression of allogeneic development with updates from Celyad and Cellectis
  • Improve solid tumour targeting with antigen identification strategies from Immatics and cutting edge engineering from Marker Therapeutics to target novel antigens and reduce off-tumour toxicity
  • Automate and streamline manufacturing processes with strategies from UCL which utilize an automated high-throughput microbioreactor system to ensure process consistency
  • Navigate the European regulatory challenges to initiate trials across multiple countries with advice and guidance from the EMA
  • Pricing strategies to prepare for accessible reimbursements with insights shared from NICE and CEVR on the value of these potentially curative therapies

The CAR-TCR Summit Europe is your comprehensive end-to-end guide to CAR and TCR drug development – Download the Full Event Guide!

Shaks photo

Shaksita Desai
Portfolio Director
“The CAR-TCR team really care about moving the cell immunotherapy space forward to find a cure for cancer. That’s why we work extremely hard to create a platform for experts to learn, network and find solutions to their shared challenges. The end goal is to ensure you can bring safe, effective and commercially viable CAR-T and TCR therapies to patients in need. The CAR-TCR Summit is a place where the 4 letter C word is becoming common place: Cure.”


CAR-TCR Summit Boston 2017 Highlights

“Best focused meeting on CAR and TCR development, from bench to clinic.”

– Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer, CAR-TCR Summit 2017 attendee