Workshop Day

Tuesday, February 21

Registration & Networking

Workshop A | 9.00am

Beyond CAR-T & TCR-T: Developing Novel Cell
Therapies that Harness
the Innate Immune

Daniel Teper


Cytovia Therapeutics

Luise Weigand
Head of


Workshop B | 9.00am

Personalising CAR-T Treatments & Predicting Treatment Efficacy by Assessing Clinical Biomarkers

Renu Balyan
Manager, Diagnostics & Biomarker Lead, Clinical Development

Tessa Therapeutics

Rhine Shen
Senior Director, Head of Clinical Pharmacology

Kite Pharma: A Gilead Company

Workshop C | 9.00am

Analytical & Process
Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Rohan Kamat
Head of
Process & Analytical
Immuneel Therapeutics

Lunch & Networking

Workshop D | 1.00pm

Armouring CAR-T Cells to Bypass the Immunosuppressive Solid Tumour Microenvironment

Ann Ager
Professor, Cellular Immunity & Immunotherapy
Cardiff University

Jamal El-Mosleh
Chief Executive Officer

Elicera Therapeutics

Workshop E | 1.00pm

to Improve
Clinical Trial Design

Andrea Mayer-Mokler
Senior Director, Global Head Clinical Sciences

Bryan Kobel
Chief Executive Officer

TC BioPharm

Workshop F | 1.00pm

Developing Automated, Closed & GMPCompliant Solutions to Scale-Up Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Qasim Rafiq
Associate Professor, Cell & Gene Therapy Bioprocessing
University College London

4.00pm | Panel & Roundtable Discussion: Diversity in the CAR-TCR Industry
Free to Attend!

Diversity in the Workplace
Diversity in the workplace has never been more important. Diversity enhances creativity and encourages the search for novel information and perspectives leading to better decision
making and problem solving. With the CAR-TCR field growing exponentially, diversity is essential to continue the generation of scientific innovation.

Diversity in Clinical Trials
The lack of diversity in clinical trials is a hurdle to understanding the safety and efficacy of novel therapies across different population subgroups, which is essential to reducing
disparities and advancing equity.

Why Join?
Join this free-to-attend diversity in CAR-TCR panel and group discussion to share experiences and define solutions to overcome common diversity barriers and realise the benefit of
fostering diversity!

Sophie Papa, Chief Medical Officer, Enara Bio

Diversity in CAR-TCR