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Welcome to the Future of Cell Therapy

The cell therapy revolution over the last decade has been game-changing for cancer care, with CAR-T therapies now moving to 2nd line treatment for indications including diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. 

However, challenges remain in harder to treat tumours with relapse rates high and durability low. Furthermore funding constraints mean it is critical to develop more potent, persistent, and targeted treatments with streamlined manufacturing and analytical processes to develop cost-effective and accessible therapies.

Without innovation, the field cannot progress. Which is why the 7th CAR-TCR Summit Europe is your must-attend meeting to gain a clear snapshot of the novel advances across preclinical, clinical and manufacturing pipelines to ensure your company stays ahead of the curve in this extremely competitive space.  


What Will You Learn?


• Harness next generation engineering to armour cell therapies to boost potency in solid tumours

• Approaches to overcome the TME to boost persistence in solid tumour indications

• Strategies to enhance novel target discovery to increase repertoire across oncology & autoimmunity

• Progress in applying CAR-T therapies to treat autoimmune indications


Clinical Development Track

• Boost clinical efficacies through trial design & strategy

• Demonstrate clinical durability to secure long-lasting efficacy

• Safeguard patient recruitment & safety in the clinic to ensure smooth progression

• Expand clinical access to pursue trials in a saturated landscape

Streamlined Manufacturing Processes Track

• Improve manufacturing efficiency to boost scale, drive down cost & increase accessibility

• Shorten manufacturing processes to improve turnaround time for autologous therapies

• Boost scalability while maintaining product quality to guarantee batch-to-batch comparability

• Explore innovations in supply chain to improve vein-to-vein efficiency while expanding capacity

"The CAR-TCR Summit Europe is the perfect melting pot for biotech, combining high quality research with a clear drug related clinical focus."

Eytan Breman, Research & Development, Celyad Oncology
2024 Speaker

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The CAR-TCR Series:

The CAR-TCR Event Series is committed to delivering an exclusive platform to unite the community and explore the key challenges to your industry, guided by global thought leaders in each discipline.

Dedicated to the development of safe, clinically effective and globally accessible therapies, the series is an unrivalled opportunity to gather with experts in your discipline.

From next-generation development to supply chain and logistics, and exploring challenges specific to each area, we create these forums to deliver value and in-depth learnings across the development pipeline, on a global stage.

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"Patients and their families need the industry to deliver on the promise of cell therapy.  If the industry is going to deliver, it will do so through collaborations.  I am excited to unpack this important topic with industry leaders"
Chris Moore, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Umoja Biopharma
2024 Speaker