Pre-Conference Day - Free to Attend

Tuesday 22nd February 2022

Diversity in CAR-TCR 

3pm - 5:30pm

There has never been a more important time to talk about diversity in the workplace. With the competitive talent environment and increasing growth in the CAR-TCR industry, join the free to attend diversity in CAR-TCR evening group discussion led by experts across pharma, biotech, academia and the service industry. Share experiences and define solutions to overcome common diversity barriers and realise the benefit of fostering diversity in teams, enabling you to excel in your careers and companies.

3pm: Registration and Refreshments 

4pm: Diversity in CAR-TCR Discussion



Kate Rochlin, Chief Operating Officer, IN8bio

Peggy Sotiropoulo, Chief Scientific Officer, T-knife Therapeutics

Tina Albertson, Chief Medical Officer, Head of Development, Lyell Immunopharma

Mythili Koneru, Chief Medical Officer, Marker Therapeutics

Nicole Amberg, Founder, The STEM Fatale Initiative