Vered Caplan

Vered Caplan

Company: Orgenesis

Job title: Chief Executive Officer


Industry Leaders Fireside Chat: The Promises & Challenges of “Next-Gen” CAR & TCR Therapies 8:30 am

• What learnings can we take from already approved therapies, in the wave of next-generation development? • Where does the field need to go? Will next-generation CAR and TCR therapies have success in hard-to-treat cancers (i.e. solid tumours)? • How will we overcome key challenges that are currently limiting clinical progression (i.e. tumour microenvironment)?Read more

day: Day One

Roundtable Session: Working to Produce a Unified Manufacturing & Logistics Solution for Cell Therapy Products 2:30 pm

• How do we effectively standardize the vein-to-vein workflow to reach more patients? • What challenges must we overcome to fully digitalise the cell therapy manufacturing process? • How to effectively enable long-term storage, maintaining cell potency?    Read more

day: Day 2 - Track C - Afternoon

Decentralising the CAR-T Cell Production Process to Improve Access 2:00 pm

• Moving away from centralised manufacturing and towards decentralised manufacturing • Performing manufacturing locally to reduce delivery time, transportation costs and increase agility and responsiveness to local requirements • Addressing significant structural and organisational changes to a businessRead more

day: Day 2 - Track C - Afternoon

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