Cécile Bauche

Cécile Bauche

Company: Ixaka

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer


Bioproduction Challenges to Bring In Vivo Car-T into the Clinic 4:30 pm

How to manufacture vectors used for in vivo gene delivery How to adapt the bio-manufacturing and the corresponding QC to fulfil the regulatory agencies expectations and move towards industrialisation            Read more

day: Day 1 – Track C – Evening

Panel Discussion: Changing the Face of Cell Therapies with In Vivo Gene Engineering 3:00 pm

Exploring the potential to develop a universal cell therapy without ex vivo isolation/expansion of T-cells How can we improve safety, dosing and efficacy by using mRNA to create CAR-T cells in vivo? Discussing how to control the pharmacokinetic properties of the cell productRead more

day: Day 1 – Track A – Afternoon

A Nanotechnology-Based In Vivo Gene Delivery Platform Allowing the In Vivo Targeting & Transduction of T-Cells for Haematological Malignancies & Beyond 1:30 pm

Presentation of the gene delivery platform In vitro and in vivo safety and efficacy data Towards clinicsRead more

day: Day 1 – Track A – Afternoon

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