CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy of Solid Tumours: Parallel Learning from the Clinic & Lab

Time: 12:00 pm
day: Day 1 - Track A - Morning


  • Summary of a dise escalation phase 1 clinical trial of panErbB CAR-T cells patients with head and neck cancer
  • Summary of a novel CAR platform dubbed a parallel (p)CAR, which consists of a CD28-containing second generation CAR and a 4-1BB containing chimeric costimulatory receptor
  • pCAR engineered T-cells demonstrate superior restimulation potential in vitro, and exert superior efficacy in 2D and 3D tumour/stroma model systems
  • Superior in vivo activity has been demonstrated in a range of cell line- and patient derived-tumour xenograft models, when compared to traditional linear CAR designs