25-27 February, 2019
London, UK
250+Attendees ♦ 40 World Class Speakers   33+ Case Studies ♦ 2 Tracks  6 Deep Dive Discussion Sessions 



Workshop A

8.00-10.00 Discovery of Novel Targets and T-cell Receptors for Cancer Immunotherapies

  • Outline XPRESIDENT; a unique platform for identification, selection and validation of novel cancer targets
  • Understand how XPRESIDENT can guide the discovery and toxicity screening for novel T-cell receptors
  • Explore the clinical application of novel targets and TCRs

Harpreet Singh Chief Executive Officer Immatics

Workshop B

8.00-10.00 Manufacturing Challenge and Opportunity for Global Clinical Trial of CAR-T Cell Therapy

  • Discuss challenges and considerations in the manufacturing of CAR-T cell product for solid tumour treatment
  • Explore the CMC regulatory challenge and solution in support of the global clinical trial of CAR-T cell therapy
  • Opportunities in the development of standardized manufacturing process to reduce cost and improve process consistency

Jie Jia, Vice President, Strategic Alliances CARsgen Therapeutics


10.00 Morning Refreshments

Workshop C

11.00-13.00 Can we CRISPly Treat Any Patient
with a CAR?

  • Exploration of current work in bringing allogeneic CAR-T to clinic
  • Optimise the building of CAR products to overcome the suppressive nature of the tumour microenvironment
  • Strategies to enhance CAR potency in solid tumours with synthetic biology

Tony Ho, Executive Vice President, Head of Research & Development CRISPR Therapeutics

Workshop D

11.00-13.00 The Challenges of Initiating CAR-T Clinical Trials

  • Discuss experience initiating both US and EU clinical trials and the challenges faced with different regulatory boards
  • Understand the Clinical Trial Authorisation (CTA) applications
  • Consider and discuss other authorisations and logical considerations

Vicki Coutinho, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, Autolus


13.00 Lunchtime Refreshments

Workshop E

14.00-16.00 Understanding Clinically-Relevant Antigen-expression Thresholds for Engineered TCR and CAR-T Cells to Drive Next Generation Cell Therapies in Solid Cancer

  • Explore clinical responses in patients with high and low expression of NY-ESO
  • Identify the antigen-thresholds in NSCLC that drive functional responses in TCR-T cells in vitro
  • Efficacy-engineering of TCR-T cells to increase their activity in solid cancer

Cedrik Britten, Head Oncology Cell Therapy Research Unit, GSK




Workshop F

14.00-16.00 Payment and Reimbursement for CAR-T: Elements for Selective Contracts

  • Understand how CAR-T as “hospital only drug” is reimbursed in Germany according to the hospital reimbursement regulations
  • On the other hand it is assessed, like all other new drug, by GBA within the AMNOG assessment framework
  • How to include elements like risk share and pay for performance in selective contracts in the triangle of manufacturers, hospitals and health insurance companies

Detlev Parow, Head of Pharmaceutical Tools, DAK-Gasundheit

Menno Aarnout, Executive Director
International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies

16.00 Evening Refreshments