25-27 February, 2019
London, UK
250+Attendees ♦ 40 World Class Speakers   33+ Case Studies ♦ 2 Tracks  6 Deep Dive Discussion Sessions 


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ChemoMetec is a Danish founded company, which specializes in development, manufacturing and sales of high quality automated Cell Counters, Advanced Cell Analyzers and Image Cytometers to help streamline research and production processes for maximum efficiency. ChemoMetec instruments are based on a patented, unique technology platform that ensures a high quality of analysis results and reliability. The instruments are known for their robustness and high precision as well as the easy to use yet advanced analysis capabilities. Our primary focus is on cell counting and cell analysis, especially for use in life sciences research, clinical diagnostics and in production and quality control within the pharmaceutical industry.


Find out more: www.chemometec.com