25-27 February, 2019
London, UK
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Advanced Cell Diagnostics


Advanced Cell Diagnostics

Advanced Cell Diagnostics’ RNAscope® platform is becoming the method of choice for tissue-based gene expression analysis for target validation, target safety assessment and biomarker development.  The RNAscope® assay is the most sensitive and most specific assay available for tissue-based expression analysis.  ACD has designed over 15,000 target RNA-specific probes in use and there are nearly 700 publications with the method.  Continuing advances in RNAscope® technology now enable a wide range of applications, including:

  • Detection of any mRNA in FFPE and frozen tissues
  • Multiplex RNA analysis for cell marker and co-localization studies
  • Isoform-specific exon-exon junction detection
  • Point mutations, SNP and tissue-based CRISPR edit validation
  • Single-copy viral RNA and DNA genome detection
  • AAV and Lentiviral vector, viral UTR and codon-optimized transcript detection
  • Companion diagnostic development through Leica Biosystems partnership


RNAscope® technologies are enabling faster and more rigorous tissue-based target and biomarker research with cell-specific, single-molecule sensitive RNA detection in the context of complex disease microenvironments.